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A collection of useful links for parents and children

There are three sets of links - one for parents, two for children - collected here. We will be adding more resources for children and parents. Check back regularly and let us know if you have any problems. Click the headings to reveal the information.




Here you will find some games that will help improve Maths, Science and English. There are also some games that are just for fun!
There are some topic links below but also look on your class page for links that will help you with topic work.

Click the headings to go to the new site.

Word Hurdles

How's your knowledge of Olympic sports? Test yourself or play against a friend with this game. Can you win a medal?

Ladybird number game

Find the missing ladybird by counting the spots of the other ladybirds in this fun and challenging game

Numbers in pairs

Mend the slide by finding the right pairs of numbers

Energy flows

Can you put things in the right order to make energy flow?

Story maker

It’s fun and easy to write amazing stories.

Learn to use the keyboard

For kids and parents - learn how to type with the help of a goat


Travel round the islands to complete all the games.

Shaun the Sheep

This game is just for fun. How well can you jump?




Play games and read stories with CBeebies

Letters and Shapes

Have fun with letters, numbers and shapes

Caterpillar Slider

Learn to put numbers in order with the caterpillar


Learn the alphabet by helping the monkey escape the snake



Weights to Ten

Load the lorry by finding 2 parcels that add up to 10kg.

Gorilla Shopping

Drag bananas to the gorilla’s tummy to help him eat them. Then work out how many he has eaten altogether

Save the Whale

Help the whale swim to freedom. Click on the right piece of pipe and move it to the end of the water pipe.




Reverse Paritioning Puzzle

Play with angles to help the spider eat flies.

Up or Down the Number Line - Units

Swim the fish in units the right way along the number line, using positive and negative numbers.


Tricky Words Ship

Some tricky words to recognise. Pull them onto the ship

Word Endings Sorter Game

Look at the end of the word. Can you tell which word goes where?

Silly Sentence Maker

Add cards and make silly sentences.





Up or Down the Number Line - Tens

Tell the bee which way to fly to find the number.

Animal Rescue - Units

Calculate the height difference between the rescue craft and the line of creatures. Click the number card that shows the answer to rescue the animal.

Reverse partitioning Puzzle

Use the cards to build numbers. 2 digits

Lily Jump

Help the frog jump lily pads by rounding numbers to the nearest 10.


Space Book

Read this book to find out about space.


Explore this website to find out about mini beasts.





Up or down the Number Line - Tens

Swim the fish in tens the right way along the number line, using positive and negative numbers.

Marble Packing

Move marbles on and off the conveyor belt to pack trays of marbles that match the ratio.

Animal Rescue - Tens

Rescue the creatures by finding the difference, in tens, between positive and negative numbers.

Reverse Patitioning Puzzle

Use the cards to build numbers.



A Hedgehog's Year - Listen and Read Explanation Book

Spin and Spell

Spin and spell game Pick a picture and see if you can spell it.

Skill Activity

Select a suffix or prefix to make a new word then see if it makes sense in a sentence




Reverse Partioning Puzzle

Use the cards to build numbers.

Up or Down the Number Line – Tenths

Swim the fish in tenths the right way along the number line, using positive and negative numbers.

Recipe Proportions

Change the recipe to fit the number of people.

Animal Rescue - Tenths

Rescue the creatures by finding the difference, in tenths, between positive and negative numbers.


Click on the grid to show where the target coordinate is

Star Co-ordinates

Look at the star and type its coordinates into the box at the top. Click the red button to see if you are right.




Simplifying Fractions Game

Have a go at simplifying fractions. You can select the level of difficulty and time yourself.

Animal Rescue

Rescue the creatures by finding the difference, in tenths, between positive and negative numbers.

Lily jump – Tenths

Simply cross the pond by rounding the numbers up or down to land on the correct lily. Make a wrong step and the frog swims back to the bank.

Sand Shapes

Look at the shapes, they are partly hidden in the sand. What do you think each shape is?

Catching Fish

Can you work out the probability of catching a red fish?

Ninja Warrior

Have fun estimating angles in this Ninja warrior game


Spelling Tests

Click here and choose between 3 games to test your spelling skills

Topic Resources



Create your own Picasso head

Create a painting in the style of Picasso using famous features from his paintings.

Paintings and artists

Find out about paintings in our museums and the artists who painted them.



Learn to speak French

There are lots of useful and fun things here. Learn to speak French with Roller and his mates and try some of the games.



Find out about weather

What do we mean by “nice weather”? find the answer to that and other questions here

Rivers and coasts

What happens when a river reaches the coast? Find the answer to that and other questions here.



Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians: Daily Life

Explore the daily life of Egyptians.

Find out about how they dressed, what they ate, their toys and games and how they grew their food.

Ancient Egypt

Visit this site to journey through Ancient Egypt exploring the great historical sites. You can also find out how the Egyptians used numbers symbols to build the pyramids, how to write in Egyptian using heiroglyphs and even how to make a Mummy.

Ancient Egypt

This is a site with lots of useful information about Ancient Egypt. It also has games you can play.


Ancient Greeks

BBC Ancient Greeks

Explore Ancient Greece and go on adventures in the Greek hero game

The Olympic Games

Find out when they started and what happened at them.

Ancient Greece

Visit this site for lots of well presented information about the Ancient Greeks


Children in the Past

BBC Children in Victorian Britain

Explore what it was like to be a child in Victorian Britain and be a historical detective in the Time Capsules: Victorians game.

Coal mining and the Victorians

In Victorian times children as young as 5 worked in coal mines. Visit this site to read a bit about what life was like for children working in coal mines.

Working children in Victorian Britain

Visit this site to see what sort of jobs children did in Victorian Britain. You can also find out a lot more about life in Victorian Britain on this site.


The Vikings

BBC Vikings

Explore the life and times of the Vikings and dig up the past in the Dig It Up Vikings game.


Find out more about the Vikings and build your own Longship or Longhouse.

The Vikings

Visit this site for lots of useful information about the Vikings.




Mechanical madness

Create a virtual machine that will allow a ball to move from the start to the finish line. Choose from three levels of difficulty. Tip: Start with easy.

Sid’s online safety guide

Become an Internet Safety Expert with Bizzi Sid by collecting codes and playing cool games. Have fun!



Musical Mysteries

Have fun and explore sound, rhythm and mood. Find out about some orchestral instruments.



About different religions

Information and worksheets about Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

Religious artifacts

Photographs of significant artefacts from different faiths and notes about how they are used.



Science experiments and games

Fun science experiments, cool facts, online games and more.

Fun science activities

Check here for a range of fun activities for KS1 Science

How does our world work?

Want to know about how our world and all the things in it work? We look at materials, energy, light and sound; and, even observe humans, plants and animals in this section.

Natural History Museum – Kids only!

Want to know about how our world and all the things in it work? We look at materials, energy, light and sound; and, even observe humans, plants and animals in this section.

Science Boffins

Great excitement at our School. On 11th of March Science Boffins will be coming to the school to excite us with fascinating Science experiments and we want you all to take part as much as possible. We will have a Special Science Assembly where we will be shown many fun experiments and then later in the day you will join the Boffins for a special The Senses workshop.

We want you to be prepared and participate fully.

Your first task is to complete a quiz you will find by clicking on this smiley face link:

Smiley face

Print out your results (or write the results if you can’t print them) and bring them to school on Science day.



How to help your child learn

Showing an interest in what your child is learning at school, helping them and reading to them is very important. In fact reading a book together with your child is possibly the best thing you can do to give them a head start. The longer hours you work and the more stressful your job the harder it can be to find the time, but even a little time every night will make a difference.

We will be adding documents on this page to explain how we approach teaching in subjects such as numeracy and literacy.

Helping your child realise learning is fun

Look at the Kid’s Zone and click on the year your child is in to see suggestions and games that will help them with their learning.

Help them play the games listed above.

Help your child read read

to them a little bit as often as you can – encourage them to spot words and letters. Don’t worry if they want to read the same book 100 times it really doesn’t matter. Repetition helps!

Play games with words such as:

  • Sing songs
  • Read rhyming books
  • Say silly tongue twisters.

These help children become sensitive to the sounds in words.

  • Play I Spy
  • Make silly foods using the letters on car number plates (eg YS = yummy slugs, RUW = runny upsidedown wellies )

These games help children understand letters and the beginnings of words.

If you want more help with reading to your child please talk to your child’s teacher.

Help your child with Maths

It’s easy to forget basic facts about shapes, fractions and other things if you don’t use them regularly. Have a look to remind yourself of key terms.

If you aren’t sure about what an acute angle is, what makes a rectangle and not a square or how fractions relate to each other have a look at these documents.

If you don’t understand them ask us - we’ll be delighted to explain how they work and can be used.

If you want more help with maths please talk to your child’s teacher.



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