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Extra-curricular activities

The school is interested in providing extra-curricular activities to help all children meet their potential. We recognise that children who are not academically gifted shine in other areas and we are interested to ensure they get the opportunities to do so. The following lists the extra-curricular activities we usually have available.

  • Tuesday - Netball
  • Thursday - Football

Other clubs run for a block of weeks and then changed, eg Ball Skills for Y1/2 on a Wednesday.

You can see more information on the PDFs at the foot of the page showing our music and sports success and on the calendar where you can see current after-school activities.


  • After school clubs in sport form a major part of our provision in extending P.E. opportunities for our students.
  • At certain times in the year the school offers clubs in Football, Netball, Cross Country, Rounders, Short Tennis, Indoor Athletics, Kwik Cricket, Multi-skills, Gymnastics and Dodgeball for children in different age groups. Children who make the teams are entered for local tournaments. These are delivered by a variety of providers including specialist coaches.
  • Our children in both key stages take part in a variety of local competitions including many of the above and also Dance, Orienteering and Tag-Rugby.


These are the tracks we will be signing at Young Voices at Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield on

Thursday 22 January 2015.

01 - Track 1

02 - Track 2

03 - Track 3

04 - Track 4

05 - Track 5

06 - Track 6

07 - Track 7

08 - Track 8

09 - Track 9

10 - Track 10

11 - Track 11

12 - Track 12

13 - Track 13

14 - Track 14

15 - Track 15

16 - Track 16

17 - Track 17

18 - Track 18

The school runs recorder and violin tuition at lunchtime and playtimes.

  • Children who play an instrument may wish to be part of the school orchestra which practises several playtimes per week.
  • Tuition on a range of instruments is available through the school music service. Tutors from the school music service visit the school during normal school hours to provide tuition in small groups or one-to-one depending on demand.


  • We have a Film Club which shows popular and critically acclaimed children’s films from the past few years. The club runs at least twice termly, usually on a Friday after-school on our giant screen in the hall.
  • An art club runs for children in both key stages in the Spring and Summer terms.

Visits to other places

Children have the opportunity to visit residential centres at some stage of their KS2 education, e.g. Kingswood Centres in Staffordshire and at Peak Venture, which is only 15 minutes from school.

Music and Sports Information

The links below lead to PDF documents.


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